Tips For not Having a Food Before Bedtime | Stay as Fit as a Fiddle

It’s hard to resist Midnight Cravings when we are dying to have some Cheese Pasta and our favorite Noodles. But is it good to consume food late at night, especially when it’s your sleeping time?

To be very frank, I have once in a while taken food before my bedtime. This happens due to our busy work schedules, and you don’t get time to have dinner at the right time due to some urgent meeting. Happens. But the thing is, you should not make it a habit!

This guide is written for those people who want to limit their bedtime eating, and simply want to Stay Fit.

Tips for Not Having a Food Before Bedtime | Stay as Fit as a Fiddle

Tips for Not Having a Food Before Bedtime

Before getting started, always remember you are not doing or reading this for anyone else except you! Be strong, and follow the tips if you really want to see the difference and want to make some real changes.

1. Cheese

I know how much you love this thing, but unfortunately, this is the worst thing that you can consume before sleep. There is an element called amino acid tyramine which keeps the brain alert, and so if you have consumed this you are probably going to stay awake the whole night.

2. All the Fatty Foods

Try to avoid all the junk foods at night, I know how much you love enjoying your pizza with the friends at night. But it is doing greater harm to your body than you could imagine.

3. Coffee

The caffeine in the coffee is the thing which could create trouble for you. Caffeine stays in your body for a long time, like you could still feel the coffee taste even after 10 hours. If you are into lots of caffeine at night, then it will have the same effects as it has on you during the daytime.

Alertness, decrease in the sleep hours, anxiety, feeling tired the next day, etc. are some of the problems caused by drinking coffee at night.

4. Spicy food

When we talk about curries, yeah! Did you feel the spice of the red chillies already? This changes the body temperature inside and can turn your night into a nightmare.

5. Wine

Wine in any form is dangerous for the body in the night. This is because it speeds up the metabolism rate and it may wake you up multiple time during your sleeping hours.

6. Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolates contains calories as well as a high amount of caffeine. So, this one again remains a BIG NO from my side.

Well.. the list is pretty big though. But the above ones belong to the ‘Must Avoid’ category of foods. Stay Fit, Stay Happy!