How Do Sugar, Coffee, Alcohol Impact Health? New Report Tests The Evidence

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Processed and sugary food can cause inflammation.

Now, there are many more additional factors that may result in inflammation, however, most of the times it depends on the things you are consuming. We shall find out how the researchers have done the tests, and the results too.

Sugar, Coffee, Alcohol Impact Health

How Do Sugar, Coffee, Alcohol Impact Health?

The review was divided into three categories –

  1. Evidence of Harm
  2. Lack of Evidence of Harm/Benefit
  3. Evidence of Benefit

Surprisingly, the added sugars top the list for the Evidence of Harm category. The added sugar develops atherogenesis (which narrows the artery with the plaque inside), and thus increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Also, the studies have also revealed that high fructose corn syrups cause some form of danger to the body. If the fructose is not rightly used up by the liver, this may produce higher hepatic lipogenesis (which stores the energy as fat) than the glucose. It would be better to skip out or limit the added sugar consumption, from cold drinks, packed juice, etc that make up to almost half of the recommended sugar level.

Even the sports drink also falls in the category of Evidence of Harm.

For the next category Lacking in Evidence of Harm, we have the Dairy Products. These are not only high on saturated fat, but also for the minerals and vitamins. As of now, there’s no clear evidence on how dairy products affect cardiovascular functions.

Also, fermented foods like yogurt also fall in the same Lack of evidence group.

For the Evidence of Benefit, we have a huge set of products that have been proven healthy and perfect for your body. The food options included here are, legumes, coffee, mushrooms, omega-3 fatty acids, and even moderate amount of alcohol. Having a controlled consumption of coffee can reduce the risk of diabetes, premature death, stroke, etc.

Tea on the other side proves to be a healthy drink that promotes better artery health, reveres the blood vessel dysfunction, and also reduces the risk of cholesterol.

Even though I mentioned that alcohol is fine for the health, make sure that you have it in a moderate amount. While those who already into too much drinking should lower the consumption.

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